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I help high-achieving women who have experienced deep loss and pain in their lives make an incredible journey.

They need to grieve much of what is behind them because deep down, all that hurt, loss, and trauma has left them feeling as though they are good enough.

They have an inner-critic that lies to them constantly. (Let's be honest here, we all do) They people please, perfect, control, isolate, and numb their way through life.

There is a process to the grief and most women simply don't know where to begin. Loss, Change and Fear are the key factors that keep us stuck. My job as your coach is to expose the lies, replace it with the truth, and teach you how to Lose It - Grieve It and Rebuild It.

To Lose It is to "Let Go" and "End it."

To Grieve It is to "Embrace the tough emotions."

To Rebuild It is to "Start Over." What do you envision?

In order for something to have a new beginning, something MUST come to an end.

I write and talk about breaking free from the areas that keep women stuck and stepping into and living your very BEST life.

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