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Your first Christmas without someone you love– part 5: Don’ t drink and grieve

Now I don’t want to sound like your grandma here…..but……..the last blog in this Holiday series is a simple tip about something we always think will help…but never does. Drinking.

If this is your first Christmas since someone you love has died and you’ve been worried about how the day will go, then one of the simplest and most important things you can do to make the day easier on you is to mind your alcohol intake.

Now I am not going to be totally boring and impractical and tell you not to drink anything – that can be very difficult on Christmas. But it will help you to limit how much you drink.

Alcohol is a well-documented mood altering depressant drug. It’s a downer.

Think about it – you have a drink at the end of a hard day to chill you out.

Alcohol lowers your mood. It might not always feel like it…but it does. And if you don’t feel the full effects when drinking you certainly will later in the day or the next day.

So have a drink or two with your friends and family if you want to of course. I’m not saying to go teetotal for the day – that can be pushing it for a lot of us.

But when it comes to more than those couple ask yourself whether you need to feel lower. Whether drinking a depressant is going to ultimately make the day easier……..or harder. And then decide.

This is not just a tip for Christmas when you’re dealing with a death. It’s for any time at all when you are trying to keep your moods stable. Alcohol is not your friend in this endeavor.

Also it can take you out of the space of being able to focus on the people around you and enjoying their company. And there is potentially joy, fun and laughter to be had on the day….so long as you allow it.

I hope you’ve found this blog series helpful.

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