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Lessons of Life Through the Eyes of a Pilot.

Who would have know that I could have learned so much about life and love from my pilot. You see, before I met him, I had never really flown or traveled much. I've been to Oklahoma though. Since I met him, I have been in awe of the array of lessons he has taught me through his aviation skills.

When I first met him, we would spend time just sitting at Founder's Plaza near the airport. It's place where people gather together to watch planes come in and take off. He would explain to me how the flight tower knew every single plane in the air. He has an app on his cell phone that shows where the plane is coming in from as they land. He taught me the difference between a 737 to 777. His eyes would literally light up each time a 380 would take off. It was a sight to behold! He was so patient with me as he would explain there were different size planes and each had a purpose.

Some carry cargo and they need to be engineered to lift off as they carry heavy weights. Some planes are built for speed and agility. There are other planes they are built for long distance travel, as they remain in flight for 17 hours as they fly from Dallas Fort Worth International to Sydney, Australia. It still amazes me how they can remain in flight for that many hours without having to refuel. All the while, the control towers know exactly where that aircraft is at all times and how many passengers are on board each flight. It's remarkable to think about.

He enjoys watching a show that's called, "Air Disaster's" and even commented to me once, "I hope that as you watch this, it doesn't make you afraid to fly." I'll admit, I did have a twinge of fear at times. But as I watched this show with him, and he would teach me the lessons of aviation each disaster has taught pilots about flying, I began to see an actual ministry. I saw how flying, and being a pilot, is much like God himself.

The Lessons of life through the eyes of a pilot began to show me how before a plane can ever take off, there is a thorough maintenance check. Kind of like when King David would pray and say, "Search my heart, Oh Lord." If there was anything that would cause that plane any dangers to the passengers and the pilot, it was grounded until all was clear for take off.

The pilot is now clear for take off, but before he can even navigate the plane from the boarding entry, he awaits clearance from the flight tower. He is instructed when it is safe to pull away from the jet way and taxi onto the runway. The flight control tower is much like God himself when I think about it. They seem to be all knowing, about each plane, and they have the eyes to command each pilot towards an array of destinations, with the safety of all on board to safely reach their destination. Pretty incredible plan when you think about it.

A pilot, once in the air, relies on his training and instincts to navigate through the heavens in his sight. He will endure a smooth flight depending on the weather conditions. There are times of turbulence, and the pilot's training comes to play. He knows when to pull up to navigate that massive bird to rise above storm. He knows to watch his controls carefully and he relies on his Co-pilot as needed.

I can't help but see God in all of this. I simply see God as our flight control tower. The instruction for flight is the voice the pilot in each of us depend upon. Yet before we can even begin to navigate our first flight, we must rely on the one who trains us from the flight manual. Think of the Bible, our instruction manual. Are you with me? So now let's begin to navigate a little more.

We board a flight each day when you think about it. We may not all be able to travel through the clouds as we reach our daily journey, but we are always surrounded with other passengers. We commute to work each day, and we try to check the traffic, weather conditions and the safest way to travel. We want to do our part to keep ourselves and those around us safe. The relationships we each have in our lives will sometimes have a little turbulence. My pilot has taught me when it's time to pull up in order to avoid a crash in our own relationship. I love that about him as I witness his humble heart as he goes straight to the flight control tower to receive further instruction. That control tower is God and his prayer life is what has brought him to safety. I love my pilot and I respect so much as I witness his obedience to await further instruction and timing in order to prepare for take off.

Little does my pilot know how much I trust and want to follow his lead. I kind of see myself as his co-pilot. I try to be his eyes and ears when he needs that from me, yet everyone on board relies on his ability to fly the craft to the next destination. It's really a beautiful partnership when done correctly. I wish more people would take note of the control tower, and find a pilot who knows how to listen to the instructions prior to take off.

Life will give us turbulence at times. I believe with all my heart that during those turbulent times, we must first go back to our training manual. The Bible. The teachings we have been taught have taught us to hear the voice of the control tower. Our flight relies on what that voice is instructing us so please pay close attention in order to navigate any storm that could form ahead of our daily journey. We also need a good pilot in our lives. One who has the training and refers back to that instruction manual daily. Let's all do our part to be a good co-pilot to the pilots in our lives. They need our support as they guide us. They are our leaders in life. Good pilots know the destination ahead and they know where the flight is taking us. They will confirm the flight's destination before take off. They even give their passengers confirmation that they are on the right flight. If not, get off the plane and catch the right flight. Pretty simple really.

I love my pilot. I enjoy the journey of life we share and pray he will continue to refer to his training manual daily and await the instructions before entering the tarmac for take off. And like all good pilots, he will continue to instruct the passengers on board to observe the signs that read, "Please Fasten Your Seat Belts." I know if he is reading this, he smiled.

Enjoy your flight.

From my heart to yours ...

Kim a.k.a The Grief Lady

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