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Mother's Day ... Lessons We Learn.

As I sit here this Mother's Day, I recall not only my own mom, but the blessing of being one. Oh, we all start off so small and helpless, don't we? Yet this most incredible display of love begins upon conception for most. We grow inside of womb, and it supplies everything we need to survive, grow, and even though we don't remember being there, we felt a mother's love.

The big day came, and we were about to leave this place we had known as home, inside our tiny womb. I can only imagine our thoughts in that moment when birth was immenent for us. "Hey! What's going on? What is squeezing me so hard? Oh! Wait a minute ... My head hurts, and something is happening here!"

The birthing process begins, and I am most certain our thoughts would be along the lines of, "But I don't want to leave this place ... I have everything I need here. I can hear the comforting sounds of a heart beat, and then this most beautiful voice, that sings, and speaks to me here." Then suddenly, a higher voice emerges, "Oh little one, be assured, I have chosen the very best for you. It will be okay, though a bit intense for a while. Rest assured, this will all be done in a twinkling of an eye. I AM right here with you." So, again, we feel comforted as we know that voice, to proceed and as we emerge, cold, wet, and struggling to use a set of lungs to breathe, our tiny heart is pounding, and the adreneline within the birthing room, sounds of excitement ring in our ears for the first time."

We are screaming! "What in the world just happened ... Where is all that warmth, and the tight wrapping I used to be inside?" Then, we are all wiped down, swaddled, and placed upon a familiar sound. Our thoughts begin to align to what once was so familiar. "Hey wait! I know this sound. It is that heart beat, that always let me know I was safe," As the excitement of the room calms, we hear yet another sound ... "I know that voice! It sings to me, and talks to me and it is the sweetest voice so far." Our tiny brain is beginning to recall, our little bodies, so helpless, yet assured this warmth we feel, the sounds we are hearing, and the feeling of a mother's arms around us, this is not so bad after all.

She serves our every need. She provides so selflessly as we are dependent on her for nourishment, to learn to talk, walk, tie our shoes, dress ourselves, and the list goes on. She is our first true friend, and she seems to never sleep. We have clean clothes, and she encourages new friendships, and we grow. She is the first one at our bedside when we are sick, or have a bad dream. To care, and comfort our fears. She listens as we endure our first losses when our pet dies, and she explains that life is only temporary. We don't yet have an understanding of death, but she assures us that we all go to a beautiful place called Heaven.

She knows she is not raising a child, and she knows her time with us is temporary as each passing year, we grow despite her wishes that we could stay small and more importantly, stay under her care.

Another milestone in life approaches, as we grow, so does she. Her youthful face is now filled with laugh lines, that are visible even when she is not laughing, her skin changes, her hair is now filled with silver, her vibrant health has begun to fail her. We don't want her to leave, but she is about to teach us a valuable lesson one last time. Her eyes are filled with tears, her breath is short, abd yet she is able to remind us all ... and she explains to us the journey she is about to embark.

"On the day you were born, I am certain your tiny thoughts, were much like mine are this day. You didn't want to leave the safe place you called home within the womb. Yet, that day happened for you as it is happening for me. I recall the first time they laid you on my chest, your tiny ears heard the beat in my chest, as I caressed your little face, and said I love you baby. Your cries ceased, as you heard a familiar voice. You were comforted in knowing a mother's love. Now, my child, I am facing a much familiar journey as you did that day. I feel the anxiety of the unknown, but rest assured, I too will be comforted soon."

She takes a deeper breath and assures her departure. "I too will leave this place, yet I will hear the beat of my Father's Heart, and I too will hear the sound of the most loving voice, and fall into the arms of assurance. Rest assured, just as you took your first breath, as I will take my last, we will experience a new birth, but we must leave this familiar place in order to step into our destiny."

We will witness her last teaching. As she assures us, displays courage, strength and above all the faith she alwasy held close to her beautful heart. She is teaching us about death, how to die as she assured us of our own birth, guided our steps, taught us right from wrong, about the importance of forgiveness, and new beiginnings could only happen if we were willing to let go of what no longer serves us.

So here's to all the mom's today ... whether you are bginning to fill your new nest, or maybe you are struggling due to the constant demands of raising the little ones still chirping constantly, hang in there momma ... You'll miss this soon enough. Maybe you have the empty nest, and have been blessed with seeing your grown children, fill their nests, and the grandchildren seem to be more of a blessing that your heart can contain.

Lastly, to all the mother's, much like Mary, the mother who had to say here goodbye's too soon, to her beloved son. Her heart was shredded as she witnessed his death. Personally, I cannot fathom what she went through that day, and the days that followed. Her grief unmeasurable, and she was forever changed. I will confess that I personally wondered how she kept her faith in God. Many lose their faith when a child dies. Yet many, regain it somehow, and the love of Heaven seems to spill over time and time again.

I am seeing the world is searching for that love again. I pray we all find it. We are looking for a love that surpasses all understanding. If you are like me, and your mom is with the Lord on this Mother's Day, send her your love through prayer, thank her for everything she did. and forgive her for what she may not have given during her time here. She, like us all, are only human and did the best she could with what she had at the time. All her struggles, failures, and especially her successes are celebrated today!

Happy Mother's Day!


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