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"SIGN OF THE TIMES" for 2020 & Beyond.

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Please let me start with the fact that some of you will have complete understanding of this, and some of you will not. It will be up to each of us to dig for the Truth and I do not recommend the evening news channels. This blog is written in a more spiritual view point. I will do my best to provide you with as much proof as I can find. So here we go ...

I was trying to go to sleep last night and I just could not get my mind off of a Biblical character named, Moses. As a young girl, one of my favorite movies to watch was The Ten Commandments. I love that story to this very day. I recall thinking how frightening it must have been to be a witness to the locusts, frogs, and blood rivers flowing.

Then I had to marvel at the fact that there were Signs and Wonders that were given to the children of God during the first Passover. I recall how obedient believers were during that time as they marked their doorposts with lambs blood to prevent the pestilence of death from entering their homes. I ponder today know just how powerful The Blood of the Lamb is today.

They say hindsight is 20/20 and here we are in a very similar time - 2020. I believe we started into a timeline in 2012. God works in parallels. Let me just say in 2012 we started into a prophetic cycle.


God's people have begun a time of coming out and several things will happen in a sequence. Things in and throughout the world and things in the church because it has already begun.

NOTE: I have included visuals as much as possible to allow you to decide. Please double check in your own Bible to compare the then vs. now.

There is a process in coming out. God states in His Word that there will be signs and wonders. He wasn't kidding. Just like in the times of Moses and Pharaoh, the rivers are turning to the color of blood. Back in 2013 the longest river in China turn to blood. Here's the link. Again, do your own research.

The Beirut River in Germany turns blood red. 2016

A Pillar of Fire was caught on camera crossing the Australian Desert. 2013

Swarms of Locusts attack a market in Cairo, Egypt before Passover. 2013

The Occupy Portland Group pulled out a golden calf and begun to dance around it. 2013

(Sound familiar?)

Four Blood Moons. 2014


Locust Swarms in Kenya Amongst Covid-19 in East Africa 2020

7.0 Earthquake in Greece and Turkey October 2020

4.6 Earthquake at the Red Sea where the children of God crossed with Moses. April 2020

Israel locks down people to avoid the Plague of Corona Virus. September 2020

Believers all around the world hang "Red Ribbons" over their door posts as a sign of prayer. April 2020

Then we had on many of our social media pages, friends posting photos of their first born. I do believe God is showing us through the Old Testament that we are entering what I can only refer to as The Second Passover.

Again, if you are not familiar with the the story of Passover, The Ten Commandments, The parting of the Red Sea - The plagues of Egypt, and the sacrifice of innocent children during biblical times, I urge you to please learn about them. This will make much more sense to you.

I have this severe gut feeling that God is calling out the lord of the north wind, known as Baal Zefron, to the battlefield. The sacrifice of innocent children cry out from the grave - their innocent blood has gotten the full attention from The God of Heaven.

NOTE: The Bible has an array of names for Baal - Molech is one of them.

The Bible tells the story of that moment the children of God stood before the shoreline of The Red Sea. I am certain, like many modern day believers, they scratched their head as their inner spirit groaned, and asked Moses, "You brought us here to die?" They felt defeated with nowhere to turn. The enemy was gaining ground rapidly behind them - Imminent Death. The Red Sea lie before them and they would sure drown. Moses continued to lift his arms, with the help of his friend Aaron, to the Heavens in belief that God would answer their prayers.

The children of Israel started praising at The Red Sea - Habakkuk 3 tells us the God's Glory filled the Heaven's and the Earth became full of his praise. (The Earth Shook right there at that very shoreline) The water stood up on both sides, applauding God. The children of Israel began the journey of crossing the parted waters. God went before them - Calling Baal to the battlefield. When God arose at Timon, the earth began to shake and tremble - the curtain of Median shook.

Friday, November 6, 2020 - since our current day Red Sea Moment, an earthquake hit Massachusetts. God is starting to stand up to deal and move toward His people. God is challenging Baal and calling him to the battlefield to put an end to child sacrifice. The blood of the innocent have cried out. God heard them. No, I am not only speaking of abortion; I am speaking of child trafficking and abuse.

I see the same pattern today, as in the day of Moses. If the Body of Christ (The Church) begin to praise, He shows his power. What went before God during those days? The PESTILENCE. What is the pestilence we face today? The Coronavirus.

Fear has locked many believers into an angry state. I urge us all to take our eyes off of all the distractions that the world is showing us. This is not about an election. This is not about Us vs. Them. This is a spiritual battle and unless you know biblical history, you'll miss it.

Find a good spirit filled church and learn the truth. Stand up and cry out:

I Fear Not.

I Stand Firm.

I am Still-Confident-Undismayed.

I see the salvation, deliverance, help and the victory of the Lord.

Can I get an Amen?

Whether you have eyes to see, ears to hear or not - We are headed for the show down at the Red Sea.

You may be sitting there, scratching your head and wondering why I went to so much trouble to find the links, and do the research for a blog like this.

Well, you see, the very last chapter of the Bible talks about the end of days. I believe there will come a day when time steps into eternity and I would love nothing more than to see you there when that day comes to pass.

Please know this came from my heart and that I pray for hurting people every day. Yes, you're one of them that I lift up in those daily prayers.

From my heart to yours,

A strong believing warrior of Jesus Christ.

Kim - The Grief Lady.

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