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The Tsunami of Grief Has Hit.

It Feels Like We are Drowning.

It was two years ago when the world received the news of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Somehow, I believe God gave me a vision, or deposited a dream inside of me as I was led to share what he placed on my heart: The Grief Pandemic. You can read the blog here -

I would like to believe we all saw it coming, but sadly, many were not prepared for the destruction it would leave in it's path. We all witnessed death tolls and fear gripped the world as our fears became the reality. America witnessed the destruction of statues, the division of races, violence, police departments being defunded, a criminal who was deemed worthy of the Amercian Flag, who was suffocated to death by an angry, frustrated officer. We witnessed our borders being flooded with human beings trying to escape the harsh realities of their own countries, and with them came sex trafficing, and drug cartels pushing fentynol. We watched our government being split apart as the Left vs. Right - We are known as the Eagle, and an eagle cannot fly with two broken wings.

We witnessed school shootings and the lives of innocent children being slain. Lives changed forever. I don't even have the words to be honest. The rise and increase of domestic violence, the harsh realities of addiction relapses because the voices of the demons they were fighting took them down. How many suicides have you witnessed? Personally, for me it's been four just within this past year of 2022. They lost all hope and just could not see their life filled with joy, happiness and security. Hope deferred makes the heart sick.

What will become of the children, who for two years, were masked up, forced to stay six feet apart, and could not see the smiles of their teachers and fellow students? The trauma of those who never got to say their final goodbye's to those they loved because of mandates for our safety ... Jobs lost, churces, temples and mosques closed down just when people of faith needed them the most.

It was as if someone had dumped a ten-thousand piece puzzle down in front of all us, and we were all merely doing our best to sift through the pieces, and trying to make sense of it all. There was no picture on the box to let us know for sure, what this puzzle looked like. It felt impossible to even try to find the border pieces. Many of us are still sifting through it, some are beginning to see a glimpse of hope, while others are in bondage and outrage. We are all working on the same puzzle ... some may have the pieces we are looking for ...

The Waters Are Receeding

Let's pause for a moment and try to catch our breath as we continue to be emerged in these treacherous waters we find ourselves. The struggle of trying stay afloat is vital right now as we are once again witnessing the inflation, high gas prices, recession is on the horizon. Great! More GRIEF!

Pay close attention to the eyes on the photo above ... are they looking to the left, or right? No. Are they looking down in despair? No. They are looking up ... Why? I feel so strongly they are reached the precipace. Pain is a great motivator for change. When a coyote is trapped, he will chew his own leg off to get away from the pain he's experiencing. Maybe that explains the suicide rates I spoke about earlier. It's sad to see so many in that much emotional and physical pain.

Now we are seeing the effects on humanity of Roe vs. Wade. We are seeing that prayer is allowed in schools. Some of us who believe in the Lord are rejoicing as those who don't know are outraged. Depends on what God you serve and I will leave it at that. I have been on both sides of each of these so called debates. I remember when our teacher led us in prayer ... we never had anyone come inside and shoot children. High school kids carried shot guns in the windows of their pick-up trucks, and nobody viewed the right to carry arms a threat to humanity.

Abortion is still legal in some states, and that is the point of this particular ruling. Nowhere in our Constitution is abortion mentioned. It should be up to the each State. I have been on the receiving end of death calls prior to the procedure of abortion when a mother/father calls the funeral home asking if we can do a cremation or burial. It always struck hard as each parent would say, "My baby" and yet when the nurse from the clinic would call once the procedure was completed, she would say, "It's just tissue."

I recall trying to drop off some pamphlets to allow the clinic to look over on Post-Partum Grief. I was drilled and probed to see if I was some sort of Pro-Life Extremist. They asked if I was there to protest, or try to talk women out of their choice. My first thought was, "Why are you all so defensive?" I recall my conversation with the lady I met with and I told her, "I am merely trying to offer healing to them. No judgements, no fear mongering, no lables, as they come to terms with their choice to terminate the pregnancy."

I recall standing outside of the clinic, looking at the blank stares of young women ages 14-25 years of age. They weren't celebrating - they weren't supported as many were there alone. I saw them place their hands on their belly, the tears welled up in their eyes. I remembered being that 16 year old girl, who felt as though I had brought great shame to my family. I remember the voices of those I considered friends screaming at me to "Get rid of it - You're ruining your life!" My own mother even proposed abortion and I said, No.

I had friends who had gone through it, and they had nightmares, and one committed suicide over being coerced by her boyfriend and family. That alone shook me to the core. I recall her saying as the tears streamed down her beautiful face, "I killed my child ... I didn't want to do this ... They made me do it. How do I live with this?" I was without the knowledge at that time, and all I