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Watching the World Grieve ...

Watching the world around me grieve is heavy on my heart. There is so much disenfranchised grief today and sadly, most of the world don't even realize they are grieving.

I see it, the isolation and the uncomfortable feelings of being around others. I am a skilled listener, I hear it in the voices when I try to ask, "How are you doing?" I usually get the same answer, "I'm fine." Yet counselors all around us are booked solid, burned out, and some are in need of their own mental health needs.

America is on the brink with mental health issues. Everyone has an opinion about politics, abortions, gun control, food shortage, gas prices, inflation, housing costs, and many fear the future if something isn't done soon. Anxiety levels about an uncertain future is reaching an all time high. Many are disengaged with their own views, and opinions for a fear of being attacked by someone on social media.

We have all become accustomed to that microwave mentality of wanting things fixed and done so quickly - counseling takes months and sometimes years to get to the root of all that a lifetime has taken us to the brink of destruction.

Suicide rates continue to climb, as many have deferred their hope in a society that consistantly shows us all that we are all faltering. We have to be careful to use the proper pronouns, we are not certain if we are speaking to a man or a woman, and God help us if we mis-identify someone's right to "identify" as a particular gender, race, or political side. We get a lable slapped on us faster than we could of ever expected. We are labled a racist, bigot, conspiracy theorist, or we are some type of phobic. Personally, I say, "Live and let live."

The world around us is grieving ... many of us don't even know why grief feels so heavy on us all. Our moods shift lift the tides rolling in off the ocean. One minute we are angry, frustrated, depressed, and the next moment we discover we are happy in a particular moment and suddenly we feel uncomfortable and we get triggered to fall back into the chaos - I wonder if we are getting too comfortable in the chaos of the world.

I've read studies of children who grow up in abusive homes ... they are always waiting for the other show to drop ... especially when they find themselves in peace. Living in a peaceful home is not their normal. Their anxiety begins to spin out of control as they anticipate the bomb of destruction walking back in to the doors. I see people who thrive on the news and all the horror stories - they are being fed fear, and they don't realize the news is thriving on instilling more fear in to their lives. The more families instill fear in their minds, the more upset they feel after they turn it off. It's a vicious cycle. Personally, I try my best not to turn on the television to watch the news.

I am tired of the evil it thrives on these days with mass shootings, murder, rape, fires, and so much death. I spent 22+ years working in the death industry and after Covid arrived on our shores, I have seen enough death in my lifetime. All I can see now is the aftermath of grief. I feel so helpless as I watch those around me being consumed by grief.

Most can't even figure out why the feel the way they feel, they just know it isn't good. When I try to speak to them about the grief around us, they look at me like I have lost my mind and reply, "Nobody that I know has died ... How could I be grieving?"

I try to express the loss of safety they once felt, the loss of dreams, loss of direction in life these days, the uncertainty we are all feeling. Some have lost their health, financial losses are at an all time high these days ... Parents all around are living in some sort of fear of a derranged individual entering their child's school and open fire. Now, imagine how their children feel. Fear has taken over and as a society, we need to get the roots of it all.

Most people aren't even willing to to admit their fears, not able to come up with the solutions. There is a demand for more grief for children these days. I am hosting one soon, so I can try to be a part of the solution for an upcoming generation. I want them to know about grief, and that it's okay to feel sad sometimes, as much as it's okay to be happy.

Yes, the whole world is grieving, and it breaks my heart to witness. Many deny the grief they are unaware of, but they all feel something is 'off' - They try to be strong for others, but who is strong for them? They end up buying in to more lies as they hit the happy hour after work, they do their best to stay busy, they buy things to make themselves feel better, or they try to replace what they feel they lost. None of that works ... Why? Because it's all temporary and they aren't willing to take the time to really look closely at all the losses they've been dragging around their whole lives.

That heaviness we are all feeling ... the dark cloud that won't seem to go away for long ... that frustration that seems to have an ebb and flow ... those angry outbursts that seem to come out of nowhere ... those moments you just break down and cry but you're not sure why ... the isolation and depression that won't let up ... the frustration that you can't seem to shake off ... the increase or maybe the loss of appetite and/or sleep ... the slightest thing that brews up anxiety, fear, loss, change ... those things you'd wish had been different, better or more ... That's your grief. You've put off dealing with it, and now it's dealing with YOU.

What are you going to do about it? Please know I am here to help you sort it all out. It'll take us about 6 weeks to undergo the initial cirriculum, and I am always hosting Alumni Groups for those who are committed to this inner healing. No, you're not crazy, you're grieving. It's your choice to heal, or not. Let me know when you're ready to get off the roller coaster you may find yourself today.

From my heart, to yours,


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Thank you Kim for articulating grief so well! I think most maybe all who read your post will relate in some way (maybe many ways).


I can relate to this so well. Thank you for putting it so well into words.

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