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Ahhhh ... Cityville! I so loved playing this amazing game! The excitement I felt to purchase with play money, a plot of land, and begin to build a community. I can finally see why I felt so much enjoyment, excitement, and fulfillment of playing!

As an Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist & Life Coach, a Community Outreach Director, this makes perfect sense to me now. I absolutely love people, and discovering what their passions are, where they are hurting, what holds them back from reaching their full potential. There is no bigger payoff in the world to me, than walking someone through their past, discovering what tapes are playing in their head, and who put those beliefs inside of them.

You see, grief is not always about a death. Grief can also be a mindset. Let me explain. We have all experienced some unkind expressions of what someone had to say about us. People lable us from our childhood. Think of how a bully behaves - Always "fault-finding" making us feel every harsh word they speak over us. Then, out of fear, others begin to come into agreement with them. Once we relive what has been said enough, we too, can begin to believe those lies about ourselves. Self-Sabbotage. It paralyzes our hopes, our dreams and destroys our true purpose.

I, for one, am sick of seeing so many beautiful people, stay stuck and not reaching their full potential because of an old tape playing over and over in their mind.

So, I am launching a community where I will be adding people, just like YOU! People who may feel stuck, labled, misunderstood, and yet yearning to fulfill their purpose. Trust me, I've been there! Stuck in that fear based mindset of not feeling good enough, smart enough, and allows others dictate to me where I don't measure up. I finally hit a wall and said, "ENOUGH!"

I took some advice from a friend who told me to write a letter to my future self. A letter that would express what it would feel like to my future self if I remained right where I was, believing all those lies, full of hurt, anger, regret, and unfulfilled potential. So, I wrote that letter and read it to her. It was a letter of shame, remorse and regret that I fell into the trap and was giving myself permission to remain there. Then, she told me to write a letter to my future self that would allow me to stop believing those lies. What would I create? How would I contribute something beautiful to this hurting world.

As the pen met the paper that day, I realized my true calling. I knew how much joy, and fulfillment I received when I witnessed someone who was hurting, receive their healing. I loved seeing their new found freedom to out an put their dent in the Universe! I mentally put myself on my own death bed, and realized then, I did NOT want my final days being filled with the regret of not being able to live my purpose.

I recalled playing the game called, Cityville. How I looked forward to creating a community, neighborhoods, businesses, and places for children to play safely. I imagines who was living there, what gifts they would bring to the community I was building. It was so fulfilling to watch everything grow, and the construction of something new being built. I envisioned the final results and before I knew it, I had built an entire city!


Yes! A community of dreams indeed! An array of giftings, callings, and talents came together. A community that longed to serve others with their gifts and services. A place to meet, and share a coffee and conversation. Seeing their friends gather and enjoy the moments. THIS IS MY DREAM!

So I am currently in the process of creating a community! A place where we can all meet. A place that is not bombarded with ads, politics and angry people's opinions. A community full of free resources, friendly neighbors who are willing to come together with their goods and services.

This special community will be filled with encouragement, tips, courses to take if you want to grow some knowledge. A community filled with others who are tired of feeling stuck, and hopeless. A place to recieve support from others, who may also be in deep grief. Some have walked ahead and will be offering hope of a new beginning. A place to recieve life coaching tips as you rebuild a future full of potential.

So, please stay tuned, and know I am officially Under Comstruction to allow great people like yourself, join for free, and receive help, support, and a place where you can share your dreams! Together, we will put our dent in that great big Universe!

I will be sending everyone who has signed up for grief resources an invite. If you haven't given your email, and want to be a part of this community, please send me your contact information so you won't miss out on seeing others living their dreams!

I look forward to building a new world, together, with YOU!

From my heart to yours!


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