Welcome To The Journey ...

There you are ... Looking up as if a miracle is going to fall in your lap and this nightmare you find yourself in is going to end or you're going to wake up and realize it was all just a bad dream.  

Sadly, for many of us, this is our new reality.  Let me just say this to you now.  You've come to the right place and you have the right person to show you there is life out there despite the pain you find yourself in right now.  Yes, it will take some work and effort on your part, and an investment in yourself to heal your heart.  If you believe you are worth it, please keep reading.  If you do not believe you are worth the investment, then I will love and care for you enough to ask that you just stop here.

Recovery takes work, commitment, time and money.  I was offering group rates as well as One on One Sessions.  Those who saw this as an investment not only paid, they graduated the course and have gone on to honor their loved ones in ways that touched me deeply.  

Not everyone has this kind of money and due to the success of The Grief Recovery Method, I want to touch as many broken hearts as possible and offer a choice to you today.

I am offering those who sign up via email to enroll in one of three tiers that will not only save you money, will allow you to view a complete video library from the comfort of your own home.  That's right, no more scrambling to fight traffic to attend a group or a one on one session. 


No more feeling "uncomfortable" sharing your heart with a total group of strangers.  Although I have seen participants join groups and make life long friendships, groups are not for everyone.  One on One sessions will allow you and I to focus on your specific issues more clearly.  

So now you can choose based on where you are now from the following tiers.

***This is an Introductory Offer for early bird registration on or before December 31, 2019.  Prices will increase effective January 1, 2020 once these packages go public.***


Tier One will help those who are struggling as Care Givers to someone that may be terminal, struggling with divorce or just found out you may be relocating.  Maybe you have received news from your doctor that it's your own health that has altered your life.  Financial changes are another loss that many face. 

There are over 40 different types of loss ...


Let's face it, sometimes change is hard. I will be coming alongside of you to help you through this emotional transition.

Tier One - LOSE IT Package Includes:

  • ​A variety of frequently updated free talks designed to expand your reach. 

  • How to ask and receive the help you need.

  • Monthly Webinars

  • Guest Interviews

  • Access to all past webinars.

  • Tips on how to cope & manage stress & anxiety.

  • Access to Free Resources.

Tier One is priced at $19.95 per month.  Cancel at any time.

Tier Two - GRIEVE IT Package Includes:

  • A Variety of regularly updated free talks designed to expand your reach.

  • Monthly Webinars

  • Guest Interviews from individuals who have completed their own Grief Recovery Method.

  • All Past Webinars.


PLUS ....

  • Monthly Group Video Calls

  • Personal Access to my Facebook Group - This will give you an opportunity to connect with, and be a part of, other Grief Recovery Attendees.

  • Introduction to coaching which will prepare you for your REBUILD IT Tier. 

  • Grief Recovery Method Updated Handbook which includes how The Grief Recovery Method addresses Trauma and PTSD

  • All homework assignments.  

  • FREE BONUS - Scheduled one hour monthly calls to speak with me personally about where you are in your grief recovery process.

  • Graduation Certificate upon Completion

This Package is priced at $49.99 per month and there is a 6 Month minimum requirement to complete the course.

Tier Three - REBUILD IT Package Includes:

This is where our work begins and trust me, THIS IS FUN!!

You've already completed the hard work of healing your heart, eliminating all that guilt, shame and regrets.  Congratulations!  You are now ready to begin your journey to the life you have always dreamed about living.


  • I’ll guide you through looking at your future after loss.   You’ll have an opportunity to identify where you’ve been tripped up in the past and get crystal clear on your goals and your vision for your ideal you.


With this as our starting point, I’ll know exactly how to help you go from obsessive about food to obsessing about your amazing life.


  • You and I will have a major transformation Skype date where we’ll have 90 minutes completely dedicated to focusing in on your vision for your life. During this session, we’ll identify your short & long-term goals. We’ll assess what has and hasn’t worked for you in the past and create an action plan so that you’ll know exactly what needs to happen over the next six months to reach your goals.

  • We’ll meet at our scheduled time every other week to ensure that you keep moving toward your goals. You’ll talk, I’ll listen. I’ll give you the space and clarity you need to identify what’s lighting you up and uncover what might be keeping you stuck.

  • I’ll ensure you are on track to get to your goals and I’ll hold you accountable for reaching them.  

  • You’ll leave each session with a set of recommendations, a full set of notes, and a free gift from me that will assist your personal journey. Which might be a favorite new healthy indulgence, a must-read book, homemade body oil, or a total surprise.


  • You’ll be given access to my exclusive tools, templates, and how-to guides created especially for my clients. Whether you need help breaking down the obstacles that cause you to get stuck or end the blame game and own your own shit.  I have just the thing. PLUS you’ll have lifetime access to it at no additional fee.

  • Coaching Videos to allow you to work at your own pace.

  • Templates that are designed to get you to think and move forward.

  • Ending that fear dance.

  • Eliminating the procrastination.

  • Say goodbye to the stress you've been packing.

  • Tear off that rear-view mirror and look forward - The world is your oyster.  Do you like it fried?  Or do you enjoy that oyster raw? 

  • PLUS ... You will have first dibs on my 20/20 Vision Board Retreat at a bonus offer. 


This package is priced at $99.00 per month and there is a 12 month commitment.