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Kim Wolfe, Advanced Grief Specialist & Development Coach
***On-Line Classes Now Available***
Lose It - Grieve It - Rebuild.


Kimberly Wolfe, Grief  Specialist & Personal Development Coach

People say you have to let go and move on in your life, but they don’t tell you how. The Grief Recovery Method Support Group, developed and refined over the past 30 years, teaches you how to recover from loss with supportive guidance every step of the way.  

Did a death, divorce, or the end of a romantic relationship cause your broken heart?  Or was it caused by any of the forty other losses that a person might experience such as:

  • Health loss

  • Child Loss (fetal death/Stillborn Birth)

  • Broken Dreams

  • Job Loss/Financial Loss

  • Recent Move to a new city/country

  • Infidelity - The possibility of the end or a new beginning in marriage

  • Divorce Care

Regardless of the cause, you know how you feel and it probably isn't good.

I'm not going to tell you that I know how you feel, because I don't.  Neither does anyone else.

What I will do is provide a safe environment where you will be given specific tools to help you recover loss and ultimately lead a much happier life.

Don't wait any longer.

Time alone  will not heal your broken heart.  It's your time to take the steps to Grieve It.

On-line Courses are available.  


Loss, Fear and Change.

The Journey

Grief showed up at my door like three hooded enemies.

Uninvited and unprepared, they walked

right through my door

I even gave them names.  

  I called them Loss, Fear & Change.  


They stayed with me around the clock.  I woke up and there they were ... I took long walks and they remained close by my side.  I even began to set a place for them

at the dinner table for them.


 The nights were the worst.  Fear would speak and say,

"You are never going to get through this."

 Loss was like the buffer of the three and would whisper, "You got this."  

Change was slow to speak and it was like he never spoke with words, but would simply show me things.

 I began to have vivid visions. 

My desire for change grew stronger.

Sleep slowly came as peace began to flow over my Fear.  Loss taught me how to accept the things

I cannot change and serenity became my friend.  

I learned the art of surrender. 


 I knew it was time to step say my goodbye's to Fear, Loss & Change.  I thanked them for their gifts they left behind.

As they were packing up to leave, three new

hooded entities knocked upon my door.  

They exchanged slight smiles with Fear - Loss and Change as they entered my life.  I named them as well.


I call them Faith - Hope and Love.





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