Girl with Horse

Grief Reigns

What is Grief Reigns?  

Grief is the normal and natural reaction to any loss due to death, divorce and over 40+ other types of loss.  

Once you complete the Grief Recovery Course, I would encourage you to complete your healing through Grief Reigns.  This is where you come together with a horse and allow the teachings to show you where your fear, confidence, courage, and if you still have more grief work to complete.

You see, in the animal kingdom, horses are prey.  They sense the energy from you and they reflect that energy back.  We will be using the Eagala Method which stands for Eqauine Assisted Growth And Learning Association.  

Standards & Styles:

  • Team Approach

  • Ground Based - (No Riding)

  • Code Ethics

  • Solution Oriented

Let's break it down a little. 


TEAM APPROACH is where a mental health professional is present along with an Equine Specialist who has a minimum of 6,000 hours of hands on experience working with horses are involved.  Horses are the final eliment which includes all breed, and all personality types.  

GROUND BASED is a space where horses can be themselves and have the freedom to make choices.  The Eagala Method does not teach riding or horsemanship.  The horses can move freely and ground work is statiscally safer.  

CODE OF ETHICS are strictly followed to ensure the safety of the everyone working this program including the horses chosen.


SOLUTION ORIENTED.  Clients can discover theri own best solutions when given the opportunity.  Eagala practitioners work to create an environment directed by the clients and the horses.  

If you took the time to watch the video, it will allow you to see just how healing horses are towards us humans.  Equine Coaching is exploding right now due to the recent pandemic.  

Many individuals have sufferd alone with thoughts of fear and an array of uncertainty.  Grief Reigns takes more of a coaching approach to allow healing to flow naturally.  No judgements, no comparisons, and no fear.  

You'll be amazed at how quickly a horse can reflect back to you everything you have done so well throughout your life, hiding from others.  You might fool some people, but you will never fool a horse.  I'm living proof.