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Kimberly Wolfe,
Certified Grief Specialist
& Personal Development Coach

First, let's schedule a time to sit together so I can hear about what you're going through right now.

 No obligation in the free consult.


I've been working with people dealing with loss a long time and I will be able to tell right away if you are ready to benefit from The Grief Inc Development Coaching Process.  

I PROMISE you that I will find a way to serve you even if it means making a referral to someone who can help you.


How It Works ...

A Brief Definition of Grief & Life Development Coaching.  

Here's my definition of Life Development Coaching:

A purposeful conversation that inspires you to create your best life.

You have conversations all the time.  Your conversations are chit-chat to pass the time along and get along with people, or purposeful talks where you clarify thought processes, resolve problems, reach agreements and commit to actions.  

Working with people, who since 2020, have endured an array of losses, are having a hard time sorting through the devastation.  Many of us attended funerals for family and/or friends due to the pandemic.  

Families were divided, divorce sky-rocketed, and add to the mix, jobs were lost due to down-sizing, or that fact that their work environments just became too much to bear and walked away.

The television was posting the high death rates across the country, fear gripped us, and many experienced a loss of mental health, financial losses, and the struggling of just making ends meet with the current inflation rates.  So, in a nut shell, you get the idea of some of the possible causes of loss.  It's not always about a physical death.  

Personally speaking, grief gripped me.  Imagine working in the death industry when the pandemic hit.  Having to tell a family you can only have 10 people present including the Pastor, Funeral Director and Assistants.  How do they choose who can come and who can't?  

Grief was spilling all over the world as we all felt helpless, and had no control over what was happening all over the world.  

When I relfect on how it effected us all, fear was creating chaos all around -


How would we ever recover the tsumani of losses we were witnessing?  

The Voice of Fear -





Fear created an inner voice within us all when you reflect.  It became what is known as Your Inner Critic.  That Nafarious Voice that whispers and warns you of all the terrible consequences of everything you do.  The voice of fear speaks from your past and selectively recalls only those things that went wrong.  

Fear became an inner critic that remided you of every failure, every break-up, and every regret you carry.  The roots run deep in our minds, and eventually, we learn to place a shield around our hearts in order to protect ourselves from getting hurt, rejected, abandoned, and we found ourselves isolated.  Let's face it, the world is NOT what we thought it was prior to the pandemic.

Many are losing the battle and being pulled into addictions, numbing out in front of the television or video games, and some develop suicidal thoughts due to the voices that on constantly playing in the mind.  Mental health awareness is a part of the silver lining.  

I see unresovled grief everywhere.   I witness how many people believe that staying busy, being strong, or giving it time, will somehow resolve the losses.  Those are myths - plain and simple.

I see so many people rushing out for that quick fix, just make me feel better!  That glass of wine turns into a bottle or a box of wine.  That credit card maxes out due to all that retail therapy.  Those romance novels, or that porn left an inadequate feeling in your real life relationships.  That prescription eventually ran out of refills.

Until we embrace the inner healing we all are desperately needing, this heaviness we feel will simply be a stronghold that will keep us stuck.  

So now you may be relating a bit to some of the losses you may or may not have been aware until now.  The whole world is grieving and we need some tools for inner healing.  

This is the first step:  Do You Want to be Well?

If your answer is yes, the rest is on you to decide if this is a good fit.  

The first step has been determined.  You want a better life, right?  Okay!  Let's decide if we are a good fit.  This starts with a consult, free of charge to determine if this is right for you.  If so, great!  If not, we simply part as friends.  No follow-up calls from me.  I promise.

I am not a high pressure sales person.  A good Development Coach knows and understands that coaching is designed to put you in charge of where you want your life moving forward.  

We will begin by simply looking at some of the unresolved grief you may be carrying.  We will go through a brief process of identifying what it is from your past, that my be holding you back right now.  

Once you have the toolset to heal from past losses, you now have a blank canvas.  

The Journey of Rebuilding Begins.

Identifying your current priorities and knowing where to start with applying coaching techniques to the elements of your life may seem hard.  So you will decide on what area of your life is the priority to start rebuilding.  

Think of it like building a house.  It starts with laying a good solid foundation.  This foundation is known as your Core Values.  Working out what's really important to you gives you a great entry point into coaching, because doing so can highlight common themes or specific areas of your life that are out of kilter.  

We will start with identifying those areas for coaching.  We will take a look at procrastination, feelings of conflict, and maybe a lack of confidence.  These beliefs are usually rooted again, in fear.  

Fear will come up, and you will be asked to sit down with it.  Listen to what it is saying, and determine if it is a lie, who told you that, and are you willing to believe it or face it head on.

I am looking for Warriors.  My goal is ultimately to bring out your inner warrior.  It's in there, I can assure you.  Once that warrior emerges, nothing can stop you.  

You can develope your career and reach your financial goals.  You can improve your relationships and achieve general wellbeing.  You can and will empower yourself to make life-changing decisions with confidence!  

What category are you in?

There are three different categories that one can be in during their life.  

1. The "Think About It" category are the people that think about making changes, but that's about as far as they get.  Nobody knows what they're thinking.

2. Then there are those who fall into the "Talk about it" category. We all know these people.  They are the ones who talk about it.  How many of you know someone who is still talking about it years later and still takes no action to recover? 

3. Finally, comes the "Just Do It" People.  These are the people who want to make a change of some kind in their life so much that they get up off of their dead butt and they do something about it.  The bottom line of recovery is - honestly assessing which category you are in and then moving that way.  

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