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Podcast Testimonials

Hope & Inspiration - Hearts Sharing their take-aways after completing The Grief Recovery Method Group. 

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 Susan Rice McBride I admire you Kim for the person that you are and what you do!

 Barb Fullen It most certainly is and you do it so well, my friend with love and compassion, kindness and concern, gentleness and strength. An Angel on Earth for so many.


Dear Kim,


I need the tongues of angels to convey how grateful I am for the presentation you made to our team of chaplains.  The feedback has been great so you can expect another invite from us.  Your presentation was timely and just what we all needed seeing we deal with grief and pain on a daily basis. 

When I sat across from you at UT South Western, I was left with the impression that there was an anointing on you.  I sensed a quiet strength and experience which got me curious Jesus Confirmed! God gifted you with an anointing by way of all that you have been through and thank you for being willing to share it with us.


God bless you abundantly!



Donny K Marandure | Manager, Chaplaincy Services

Methodist Richardson Medical Center

2831 E. President George Bush Turnpike | Richardson, TX  75082

Danny K Marandure/ Manager, Chaplaincy Services


5.00 Stars

The process of building a timeline and identifying experiences ordered my thoughts. It was of immense help to do this with the facilitator and another participant. It is so easy to rationalize memories and discount feelings, but when I committed them to paper and saw the faces of the women with me as I talked about them, I realized how much I had pushed myself out of my life. This helped me finish communications honestly, write a simple decent letter and forgive. The pay off is that immediately it changed my relationship with my mother to something less loaded with need. I also felt free to more adult conversations with my father, and grew a wonderful friendship with him. The grief I thought was attached to divorce was actually the pain of having a mother compete and discount me.

Support Groups


Participant in Grapevine, TX

Group Participant/Grapevine,TX/2018

 Oh Kim, this brought back the grief of those dark days just about 9 years ago. Thank you for being a rock, for knowing what to do, for listening, letting me cry, praying and loving me through. For taking the time to talk to me when I was so torn. For being available when I called on the phone. For allowing me to say goodbye. I’ll never forget your kindness. I’m grateful that you choose to care for people like me. Broken, lost, grieving people. I remember your kindness so clearly. When I was at my most broken, you understood. You are an angel on earth. What was life-changing for me, you deal with daily. Thank you for serving people and loving us well. 

Dear Kim,

Thank you so much for helping me in the grief recovery process.  I sincerely appreciate everything you from listening to me and my concerns, having everything so beautifully organized each session, sharing the grief recovery tools and the lovely lunch and precious journal.

God's blessings,

Barbara Johnson/Carrollton, TX


 It’s hard to believe it has been a little over a year now. I sure miss my son. I know I was quite on FB for many months. Well I had a nervous breakdown. I couldn’t get out of bed. I almost lost my home, my car, I just couldn’t do anything and I definitely lose my job. I’m so thankful that God just dropped this intense grief recovery program onto my lap.

I went into and intense grief recovery program through Kim Wolfe she has all the program information. This program is incredible and if anyone is still struggling I highly recommend that you try to get into a true grief recovery program because it really does work. I know my son and my mother would not have never wanted me to be were I was six months ago.

I did the work with Kim. Some of it was hard to think about. 

In the beginning I wasn’t to sure about this program but each week it started making since to me. I don’t know if you knew but I was really in a bad place in my life. I didn’t even want to be here anymore. Not because my son was gone.


It was because I couldn’t bare all the pain I was in, emotionally, mentally, and physically effecting my health.


But I began to feel a transformation at first I didn’t recognize that feeling. As the days and the weeks went by I realized I was going to be OK actually I was going to be more than OK and now I could honestly say that I am happy.

 I’m still in what’s called a recovery stage so I’ve had to let some friends go that I still loved dearly but they are still living in a negative world and I just can’t be part of it right now. My recovery is very important to me. I learned the hard way, life is just way too short to mess it up with being a Debbie downer and being unhappy and negative.


And I don’t feel guilty for being happy. I’m just thankful that I had incredible people in my group that were all loving and understanding."   Michelle Knight - Grapevine, TX

Deborah Spera

"The Grief Recovery Method and these men have helped thousands of people heal wounds I never thought could be healed. They put a stop to the adage “time heals” by reminding us that time just passes and it’s our action that heals. There is a way to get rid of the PAIN of a loss. I’m living proof."

Bernard McGrane
Ph.D. Professor of Sociology/Chapman University

"The Grief Recovery Handbook is required reading for all my classes. The more I use this book, the more I believe that unresolved grief is the major underlying issue in most people’s lives. It is the only work of its kind that I know of that outlines the problem and provides the solution."

Dave Lakhani/Author

"Some people think about changing, some people talk about changing, and there are those who actually take actions that lead to better results. If you’re in the last category, The Grief Recovery Method spells out the actions that will help you change."

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