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Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful.

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Beautiful Griever, when you are finished falling, after you hit rock bottom and watch yourself come apart into a million pieces, no one is staying to help you collect yourself. No one is sticking around to pick through your pieces to decide which parts of you are worth keeping. That's for you to decide.

So stay down for as long as you need to. This is the most important part. Take your time. Pay attention. You're already broke, so the easy part is over. Go slow ... I know, you thought the breaking was the most painful chapter. It wasn't. Turn the page. The next part is much longer. It's the healing. It's the rise. The comeback. It's the birth of the new you. And it's not easy. But you are strong, brave and worth it.

You'll have to leave a lot of yourself behind, and you'll have to let go of all the parts that you've outgrown. We're not making ourselves small anymore. Do you hear me? We're going all in. Count your wounds, every scar ripped open, every drop of blood you bled like a promise. Count every tear you cried like a bet, in the name of crossing your whole heart, your whole soul, was all for this moment.

Right here. Right now. You had to hurt like that to get here to this version of who now knows exactly who you are, not who you're not, nor who you will ever be again. Drop the apologies, babe. We're not sorry anymore for who we are. We're not sorry for what we had to go through to get here, Nor are we sorry for what we had to do to get here, and we are not sorry for the time it took to learn our worth.

Step out of the box of all you were supposed be according to to everyone who wasn't you, and walk into YOU. The you who is comfortable in your own skin. It's time. You earned it. We no longer wear the expectations of anyone else, and we no longer let anyone else decide what we're worth.

Because we know now. We finally know. And it's time to celebrate it. Get up, babe! It does not hurt anymore. Now go show YOU what you're made of! Be your own kind of beautiful! Go put your dent in the Universe for all to see!

From my heart, to yours ...

Kim Wolfe

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