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es·sen·tial /əˈsen(t)SHəl/ Learn to pronounce


  1. absolutely necessary; extremely important.

It's raining outside today. I was thinking about how essential the rain is to so many vast and beautiful regions of our planet. My imagination began to see images of valleys, forests, lakes and oceans ... and the many forms of life that depends on the rain that falls. What a blessing it is when the rain falls and provides so much and no cost. A gift from Heaven.

During the year 2020 the word essential has come up many times. My thoughts began to shift from the rain that is falling outside of my window to society. I sit and recall an array of stories, videos, and news that has shown new born babies being shown through a hospital window. I can almost feel the ache in the hearts of the new grandparents, aunts, uncles and siblings who yearn to hold and kiss their new arrival. Sadly, the birth was not essential enough to remove our fears.

I know people who had been planning a wedding for a couple of years, only to have to appear before a Justice of the Peace - The many family members, friends who wanted so badly to attend and celebrate two lives joining as one. Non-essential. Not to mention how many loved ones who died, alone. Family members unable to be at their bedside to say those final goodbyes and reassure them. Non-essential. The funerals were really no different. Pick and choose who will attend in person and the rest can view via live stream or a Facebook Live event. Non-essential.

Playgrounds, movie theaters, bowling alley's, lake parks, national parks, beaches, lakes, skating rinks, libraries, fitness centers, hair/nail salons, restaurants, graduations, and so many more that are deemed Non-essential.

The grief of what has been deemed as essential in comparison is off the charts. Hell, even I am feeling it deeply. Some want to wear masks, some don't. Some are in gripped in fear and some are outraged. Relationships over "who's side are you on!?" are in turmoil. I didn't realize we were in the midst of choosing sides. I thought we were Americans and we were in this together. But because we disagree, or voted for the one we deemed would clean up and make changes, we get labeled, called stupid, ignorant, idiot, and God help us if we post anything spiritual because now you are some kind of religious Jesus freak.

The feeling of rejection is devastating. To made to feel like some kind of freak or an outcast because one person sees things differently blows my mind. We have lost the art of asking questions - "How did you come to believe this ... What do you think the outcome will be ... What are you doing to be a part of the change or solution ...?" It seems like when you speak or write about something from your own point of view, you get attacked. I have seen Christians attacking a poor young girl who obviously doesn't know the Lord, and made a comment based on her own point of view and stated, "There is no God." My heart literally pounded and began to ache as I read the replies of Christians attacking her. "You don't exist either ... Just goes to show you are a godless heathen ... You're a lost idiot."

I was really no better because I didn't say anything ... I should have. I should have said, "Hey, wait a minute! You call yourself believers and Christians and yet you throw hatred labels at her. No wonder she doesn't believe there's a God. We are supposed to be representing Him. Why all the mean attacking words?" I am far from perfect and I am FULL of sins. I kept thinking about when Jesus stated, "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone." I had no stone to cast because I know who I am deep inside. I am a sinner. I fall short every single day. My heart is so deceiving and my thoughts play old videos that make me feel sad, angry and depressed. I have had to learn to stop those old tapes and record some new ones.

I truly believe every human on this planet is essential. I feel sad as I witnessed family owned businesses fail. The hopes and dreams that they poured into them end in ruin. They are essential humans who poured out a lot of blood, sweat and tears into that essential dream to serve others. I am not sure about how everyone is thinking about the times we are living in, but I just want the truth of what is really happening. I cannot help but remember when I first heard about this COVID-19 - My first gut feeling was this is total nonsense. Here we go again ... another election year and of course, another virus rears its ugly head. Depending on the news you watch, you only see one side of what's happening - that goes for both political views. It's sad that journalism has become so biased and cannot just report the facts ... They edit audio and edit video or they cut statements all together. It is all about ratings and fear has definitely shown to increase the ratings. All that has resulted is more division among us. Essential Humans.

No, I don't long for the good ol' days ... those chapters of life had their season and they're over now. Nobody can change what is now behind us. All we have is today as we are not promised tomorrow. I know what I would like to see, but my vision may be different from yours. And you know what? That's really okay. That is what diversity is all about, right? Hopefully, we all can agree that we live in a country that is built and many have died and sacrificed for our freedoms. Our freedom can create so much beauty if we could stop being offended, seeing racial differences, end the hatred, learn to communicate, and give some compassion to another because they may not see things in the same fashion. Stop labeling people ... We are ALL in the Human Race. Essential Human Race.

Yet it's not a race ... we are not here to change someone else ... Let them be who they are. Period. We are all essential and we are all on a different journey. Find your path and get on with the journey you are here to discover. Realize that because someone else is on a different path than you are, you don't have to right to try and control what they believe, what they say, who they love, how they choose to believe or anything that is not in your own lane. Stay in your lane - I'll stay in mine. Essential Human Lane.

Essential Humans. Oh what a world we could have if we only realized how essential each and every person on this planet truly is ... Our world is really hurting. It's everywhere I look. I learned a long time ago that hurting people, hurt people. I for one am just so very tired of seeing it. I rarely turn on the television - I am sick of social media - I really just want to close my account, but I use it to try and help people on my business page. My personal page has taught me to simply keep my beliefs, passions, and standards to myself or I will be called out real quick at how wrong I was to post such a thing. It makes me realize it's not just the government who wants to take away my freedom of speech. It's essential friends and family in my own circle.

I realize that I am wanting to ISOLATE. Isolation is what all grievers do. I know it's not healthy. I know I have to tools to change this ... But I'll be honest and say that sometimes it can be so overwhelming, I have to do what I am doing right now ... I am thinking out loud on paper. It helps me sort it all out. Maybe it will help you do the same. Find the Essential Human within yourself and stop worrying about the other essential humans. Forgive them as you would like to be forgiven. Resentment is a poison we feed ourselves in the hopes someone else will feel the effect. Throw that resentment out and embrace the beauty within yourself. That's YOUR gift to the world. Give it!

Essential Humans. My prayer is that we all show a little more kindness, compassion, and understanding. Be respectful. Help those who cannot help themselves if you are able. Listen. Think before you speak. Be kind. Humble yourself and look deep within first. Ask how you would you like to be treated. Speak the truth. Let's try hard to play nice together while we can. We are all have a purpose and a plan for life. We are all unique. We are all essential.

Have a most blessed life!


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