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Hello & Welcome to my page. I have worked with grieving families for 23+ years. I appreciate you being here, yet I am sorry you had to come because most likely, you have suffered an array of loss. My heart is for you as you grieve, and learn to rebuild your new life without carrying around all the emotional baggage you just don't know where, when or how to put down. You are in a safe place and nothing here will be shared. I promise.

Communities are so needed in this arena of grief. My goal is to walk you through what real recovery is all about. It's is NOT because you have an addiction issue, or maybe you do ... but nearly every person who fell into the trap of addiction has suffered from a deep loss that they didn't know how to heal. The role I play is to show and help you learn that everything you've tried to heal with is a myth. You know ... "give it time as time heals all wounds." "Don't feel bad, you'll get over it" "Here ... eat something, you'll feel better" and all the other nonsense well intended people say that is no help to those of us who wake up to a broken heart everyday. So we self indulge in things like alcohol, food, staying busy, working out, etc. because it helps alleviate our pain for a little while.

So if you're willing to unlearn and relearn what it takes to recover the pain and replace it with joy; and be willing to take some action steps to get out of head/thoughts and go down into your heart where the pain you carry resides, you're going to stay amazed at how The Grief Recovery Method will complete all those relationships, and you'll loose the pain that is weighing you down, and you'll rebuild a life that you cannot even fathom could happen for you.

I will share many valuable resources, interviews, and weekly Q&A Zoom meetings for you to listen to at your own pace should you not be able to be on the live calls. Your monthly membership is will more that pay for itself as you realize that you had greatness within you all the time, and you just needed someone to see it within you, and pull it out of you. That's is included with the Life Coaching Program as well. We all need a little accountibility, and sometimes a slight kick in the butt to get us moving towards our purpose in this life. I am that coach that will show what's stopping you, who put it there, and what you need to do to puch past it. So get ready for the adventure of a lifetime as many, no literally thousands of people all across the world have gone through The Grief Recovery Method and realized they had a lifetime of losses that are dealing with them now, because they didn't deal with their grief as it came at them. How could you without the right tools? It's like painting a room a with a screwdriver.

I will be adding content throughout the day as our Grief Inc Community grows so please check in daily and see what your hard earned money is providing you, preparing you and launching you into the life you may not have thought possible. So let's leave this place we call familiar and stretch that big, vast, beautiful horizon and explore what's on the other side!

From my heart, to yours,


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Kim Wolfe, Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist & Life Coach

Kim Wolfe, Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist & Life Coach

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